Saw this at my 6 year olds kindergarten

WOKE alphabet

A is for asexual

B is for bisexual

C is for cisgender. We do not like cisgender.

D is for democrat

E is for Estrogen

F is for Fr*ck (woke version of f*ck)

G is for GIRLS

H is for homosexual

I is for.. ITALIAN.!

J is for joe Brandon

K is for idk what k is for

L is for lesbian

M is for Mommy

N is for Nipples

O is for OBAMA

P is for pans sexual

Q is for queer

R is for Right wing sucks!!!!

S is for Skibidi toiler

T is for trans

U is for UwU

V is for Van with free candy

W is for W*men 😂

X is for X

Y is for Your mom

Z is for Zee/Zim

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elle ──★ ˙ ̟🐇 !!

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S is for Skibidi toiler is based

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this would actually make the news on some twitter page to be further misconstrued

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