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hellooo || cw self harm mentions

hai hai!! i'm once again logged into my school's pc!! hruuu

sooo last night i had a bit of um. thoughts of relapsing

not bc i'm sad or anything but tbh just because

aghhh idkkk mannnnn

my scars are barely visible btw :P

also i'm in school and like. i feel like i forgot something but idk what is it

oh well whtv

i lowk wanna just refresh idk???

also i made a deep twt acc!! like a deep vent or just a twt with pretty fucked up shit that comes in my mind LMAO

oh well uhhh i'm pretty uninspired today sobsss

oh today we start the other course with the ENGLISH english teacher !! finally we'll have some fucking funn

sooooo aghasfhjsgfjseghf i'm bored ima go do sumn else baii

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