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i have done nothing notable but think about all the people i hate for 3 days.

also sleep, ive been asleep more than i have been awake.

gay ass existance wtf is this shit. I should play the first Class of 09 game again its secondary school nostalgia of the times when people would huff volatile solvents and green out the bathrooms and steal the ethernet cables and wifi routers so no one could access the central server to do work. 

The jolly rancher, tesco zip lock bag, tom fitz. Any of those ring a bell? You're one real mf, respect.

God i miss it. 

My one take away from secondary school? Wish id beat more people up. Violence is fathomable when your under 18.

bye sheeple

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the jolly rancher...

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this biyach gets ittttt (content filter behateth)

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