i've smoked weed or taken edibles almost daily for several years now, save for a few brief breaks here and there. i've been trying to kick the habit again the past couple weeks but it's been difficult to say the least. one of the things that's hard to get adjusted to is dreaming.

i rarely ever dream when i've been smoking, or maybe it's that i can never remember them by the time i'm lucid. but every time i quit, i start having really weird dreams. most of it nonsensical, some of them funny, other times they're distressing. they're really all over the place. sometimes the world is ending in my dreams. sometimes they're just silly or mundane dreams that make absolute zero sense to me.

insomnia and poor sleep habits cause me to have a very erratic sleep schedule, and it's been worse considering i'm trying to quit and starting new meds at the same time. a few times i've had dreams so vivid that i start to question if they're reality, like a distant memory. does this happen to anyone else?

i'm not sure if i liked it better when i couldn't remember them or not x)

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yeah its a pretty well known thing. its the only bad thing about weed imo, cus i love dreaming lol.
one time though, i smoked this kush that gave me the most INTENSE dreams every night. like, crazy intense. my mate who also smoked it also had the same effect. it had a really pleasant taste too, sorta 'pine-y' flavoured. i was gonna ask my dealer what strain it was, but i never got round to it. kick myself for it now, cus it was amazing. i hope i come across it again some day

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mosi 🌻

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that is so interesting and strange, do any of the dreams feel like they're relevant to a memory you know you've had? ever illicit of a feeling of deja vu? i wonder if there's any meaning to it? o/c i'm not an expert but i am extremely curious... :o

i've personally never experienced such a dream, just a brief stint of lucid dreams when i was young but that's long ended, nothing ever real or sensical enough i'd ever feel like it could actually happen :p

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