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redoing my introduction entry, because i feel like i should. im not gonna post my real name anymore, and i have lots of reasons for it. mainly that ive decided to become more private in general. you can call me error, though! i dont mind anythiing either way, so anything you come up with is fine. as you can see on my profile, im 17 and have lots of different interests. i could probably find a common ground with anyone, but i most enjoy talking to nerds and alternative people around my age (anything from 15 to 20 is fine). i like obscure, creepy stuff. i find it fascinating, my favorite artistic era is baroque, for this exact reason. i hope to keep posting here instead of losing interest like i did when i first started this profile. im big on respect, so if you wanna be disrespectful towards anyone or any group of people, definitely not in my presence. also, keep in mind that english is not my first language, so im probably gonna make some mistakes. i dont mind it, but if you do, let me know about any errors i make.

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