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silly lil rant idk (Not a vent)

i wanna be a silly lil creature in the woods with hundreds of eyes and weird moth-like features (Wings, extra arms, antenna, fuzz, proboscis looking thingy). i want to look like im rotting and crawling with bug and smaller creatures, i want my skull to be exposed on one side on my face so the bugs can crawl through my head. I want fungi and moss to be growing all over my skin.

I want to live in the woods in some old abandoned building and help lost hikers and lead them out of the woods. I want them to tell stories of me to teach kids weird and dark lessons only for them to discover that im actually just some "thing" that watches ppl in the woods.

I want them to leave me offerings of food and drawings. i'll make a nest in the building and decorate it with the offerings. I'll leave animal bone all over the place for the gay ppl who become interested in my existence (Cause for some reason tons of gay and trans ppl love cryptids, me included) so they can collect them.

I want to be a cryptid.

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