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3/3/24 - Bleak Week

Hello digital diary! It's been three days since I've written an entry, which is most likely because I don't have anything to talk about. On Friday I did a presentation all on my own in front of the class. (It was an independent presentation, I'm horribly inept socially. This is a big win for me.) Its a bit sad, but I read somewhere that public speech is one of the most widely experienced fears for people. Maybe that makes me normal? Well thats just a singular step for who-knows-how-many-more. I've got ways to go!

This weeks been bleak, hence the name. I fell for a smishing scam! I had sent a package to my sbf and got a text from the "USPS" saying that I "Put an invalid zipcode and had to pay $0.30 to resend it", I was like "K" and accidentaly sold both my parent's credit cards to some random scammer!! I never thought I'd fall for something like that, I literally pride myself on not clicking suspicious things, so this is a big loss for me. It was all fixed in the end, but now I'm not allowed to use my parent's credit cards. 

Its currently 11:46PM, tomorrow I have school. I hope it goes fine.


train tracks

Train tracks!! I think train tracks are neat.

Good-bye diary! see you tommorow,

Kyle (^^)

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scammers those slippery snakes!

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