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After having this account for a while I finally gave my profile a makeover. I want to start using SpaceHey so here is some stuff about me!

I am
Stuart. I go by MNANNY names, but yeah, Mainly Stuart. I am 13 from and living in Ireland. 

I am a huge britpop fan. I love Blur, Elastica, Oasis and more. I like other music too like Gorillaz, Greenday, Lady Gaga and Noahfinnce.

I'm into dc and everything Harley quinn and Poison ivy (HARLIVY!) related!

My current special interests are
Blur, Gorillaz, TEOTFW, DC, Superstore and Greenday!

I also like some other stuff, Like MLP and Danganronpa.

I don't have a specific aesthetic/fashion sense. half the time, I dress in an 80's/90's britpop-y style. The rest of the time I dress like an evolved 2020 ekid. And I'm happy about the way I dress.

I accept most friend requests and I'm approachable! You can learn more abt me from my blinkies !!!!!


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