oh choices, oh choices (in sharp objects)

now that it's warming up again i was hoping to scrounge some spending money together to get a new sword to practice with, but the question is, which one???

i'm very partial to both a scottish basket-hilt and a persian shamshir, but i just canNOT decide!!

they're both so elegeant in their designs and art so to be quite honest, it's down to vanity of what i'd prefer to be seen with lol

i do liek broadsword cause of its versatility in cutting and thrusting but saber is so flourishy and beautiful like dancing

ig we'll see, i just can't wait to practice again!

also shoutout to my poor longsword collecting dust in my closet, promise i'll oil you again today, i haven't forgotten about you ;^;

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my favorite sharp objects definitely gotta be battle axes & halberds :p but i wouldn't mind to get my hands on a sword eventually!

i think if i had to pick one to train with maybe i'd go with some kind of bastard sword. they just seem solid and versatile and i think i'd like being able to change up whether you're holding it one or two handed (and maybe only a little cause i think the name bastard sword is kinda cool)

sabres are honestly so aesthetically pleasing though. and i like that you could be really nimble with them. i would love to try swinging one eventually. even though they're better for mounted combat, i just think they look so elegant and fun to swing around. a shamshir would be so cool!

maybe even instead of a sabre you could consider a falchion if you want to trade some of the maneuverability for versatility while keeping the cool curvy look? i dunno. i don't always like the cleaver looking ones though. i think italian falchions look kinda badass hehe

ahh there's just too many cool pointy objects!

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that's why it's such a struggle, SOOO many good options, where do you even start?? bastard swords are soo cool because they cover every base, cutting, thrusting, enough width of the group to control with two hands, or even pair with a shield one-handed! if you ever do pick it up, you could rekindle your german studies and look into some of how they historically used theirs, very interesting stuff and not terribly difficult to get into with the basic guards, it's good stuff!

also you can NEVER go wrong with axes or halberds, and the latter especially earned its reputation for being so fearsome as the swiss army knife of polearms, of which is a class of weapon history can attest one can never go wrong with! don't know many other systems that lets you hammer, poke, and swing like axes and halbs....

i want to do single-handed swords, as you eleqountly put, is because of how nimble they are in combat, and would prefer to focus on the agility and footwork that goes into those arts. i've always really loved german and italian falchions all around, and would definitely not mind picking up one or both one of these days! (shoutout the italian falchion for its handguard--)

i totally forgot about sabers and mounted combat, i would like to do horse riding some day so why not eventually pair the two? i think ultimately i would definitely love the falchion first, and maybe some day i can get a basket-hilt as well!

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hmm i usually prefer straighter swords because i like thrusting sharp objects, but i really like shamshirs aesthetically... if you already have a longsword maybe a different sword like a shamshir would be best... but i would like to hear what other people have to say also...

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that's a really good way to look at it, since i already have a straight edge i could get something curved and experiement with the variety, good thinking! :) i agree on the straight edged blades side of things, a good stab is epic pwnage!! what are some of your favorites?

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hmm.. i am a big fan of tucks / estocs.. all thrusting swords are really cool.. i like straight cavalry swords too like koncerza, however i do not own a horse. as for really big straight swords i am a sucker for zweihΓ€nder... they look so cool especially the ones with parierhaken.

i could go on about swords for a while honestly lol but i will contain myself

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koncerza are badass. what if they made a sword that was REALLY FUCKING LONG. what if they made a sword that was really a lance

by aubriβ›§βšΈβœ§β˜†βœΆβ™‘Λ–Λ³; ; Report

hey go on as long as you like! also that's very cat like behavior, straight to the point and direct on the kill! estocs are also just really pretty in general, i love anything that pairs well with daggers and bucklers, bonus points for all the fanciful footwork.... i was not previously aware of the koncerza but it's a very interesting design! i will look more into that... lastly zweis are so freaking cool!!! i like greatswords in general but those are just so pleasing to see in motion!! please feel free to drop anymore opinions or thoughts on weapons as you see fit!!

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thank you both of you, i shall do this when i see fit and you are also free to message me if you ever want to talk more about weapons in detail ^_^

p.s. i completely forgot to mention flammenschwerter, they always look really cool lol

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hey likewise, always feel free to IM or blog!! ^^ yeah the germans know wtf is UP with their aesthetics and functions, idk why but i'm a sucker for the way sword guards look and the zweis and flamberges are no exception to ultimate beaut factor rofl

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mosi 🌻

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not that you can't cut with sabers but there's an obvious advantage with other weapon systems to!!!

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