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thing i wrote that i want to save

I wanted to keep this accurate to how I actually wrote this at the time, so that's why the formatting is weird. <:3                     

This page is now really fucked up from taping that picture      

                                        on it so i'm going to write whoever is reading this a message.

I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. I hope

you put love into everything you create. "But I don't create anything.", You 

say. You create more more that you could ever know. By existing, you are making. To be

given life is also to be given the means to create. You make sound, you make

messes, you make smiles. You write, and you sign your name, and you show

your work. Everything you engage with can become your creation. A work only

you can create. "But nothing I make is as good as _______!", You cry, upon seeing the

effort of others who would say the same to a skill of yours. Anything that

you do has equal value and importance. We are ALIVE. Whether you're the happiest

you've ever been or in the darkest pit you've ever fallen into, you're still working.

               You're still making and doing and creating and I LOVE YOU. The angels are

               singing for your hard work, and the world will rejoice at seeing you

               triumph. When I see things made from before I was born, I am filled with joy. I'm

               so proud of everyone, no matter how long ago they lived. Cave painters,

               architects, meticulous carvers, painters long since forgotten, I see them,

               and I love them too. Can you believe it? We're all people. We're all so different.

               Isn't it wonderful? It doesn't really matter to me how anyone is living their

               life, as long as they live to be kind, and live to create. I wonder if I'm doing

               well enough sometimes. My way of thinking is rarer than I'd like it to be.

               I wish people could change, sometimes drastically, and still be loved every-

               where. It's hard to know that people who say they love you do not. Or do they?

               Sometimes you're one change away from the one that makes them say

               "That's enough". Even if you've been that way before they were aware,

they stop being on your side. They may not respect who you are, because you

aren't what they want you to be. You aren't good, you aren't "following God", you

aren't "who you were born". People forget that while they make items when creating,

they also create more people. People who can then create themselves. It's possible that

I may be buried with the name of someone else's creation, rather

than my own. I was born a canvas, and I was then tasked to paint it.

And I believe I've painted myself beautifully. I'm not

what certain people will ever want. I'm not the person

you thought I would be. But I'm me, and I'm handsome.

You as well, are a work of art comparable to no other.

I love you.                                                                                           I love you.

More than anything in the                                                                              world.

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