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Need sum music recs!!

I wanna know what some other peoples favorite bands are and their favorite song!

It would be nice to take a lot at other genres for a change!

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I've been very much enjoying some bluegrass folk tunes. Carolina Chocolate Drops "Cornbread and Butterbeans" is one of my favorites.

If you're looking to stick to indie rock, I love Beach Slang!

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there's a guy i listen to on youtube, they're called chiken nugies
criminally underrated

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grenadelia is a pretty cool small band! its kind of prog? idk how to explain their genre but i think they r awesome, they released their debut album last december!

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never heard of them but I'll definitely give them a listen!!
thx for the reccomendation!

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✮⋆˙ Greyson/Bowie ✮⋆˙

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i really like T. Rex myself!! they were a glam rock band and in my opinion they have real bangers. and my favourite song at the moment is bigmouth strikes again from the smiths >:3

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I've heard of T. Rex before! Thanks 4 the feedback

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My favorite band is probably radiohead andmy favorite album is Kid A and my favorite song is how to dissapear completely!! But other faborite are the cabs (and their song "nigatus no heitai" also "hospital" by los pettinellis just to throw somethiing different :D

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Majority of my playlist is Mystery Skulls and Nelward

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i think youll like eve of destiny and razed in black, you can find them on practically every music app i believe but eve of destiny isnt on spotify

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Thanks I'll def them a listen!!

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what kinda stuff u usually listen to?

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I usually listen to industrial metal or rock in general

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i bet u already know genitorturers n stuff,but i still really like em,im more of a turkish rock fan so if u open to it i reccomend mor ve ötesi and şebnem ferah.
ı really like group Far and their album Water & sloutions. im obsessed with starflyer 59 these past months too but its not really any of these stuff so you do you.
can you reccomend me some more industrial metal type of stuff too if you dont mind?

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Thanks for the recommendations!!
I kinda lean more towards the German side of industrial metal so I'd say give Oomph!, Eisbrecher, or Rammstein a try! If not I'd say Static-X would be good

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fangz! gimme ur opinions if u ever check em out!

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