this dude..

ok have yall every liked someone but never met them.. im in that situation rn PLS HELPPPP 

 this dude is in like 2 of my classes and he is just the cutest but i have literally never talked to him before i barely know what he likes we arent even friends. but yet i like really like it and idek how i do. i asked some of my friends if they knew like the tiniest things about him and mostly what he is like, gladly my friends told me some stuff about him but they told me stuff he liked when he was younger and people can change. i would love to make conversation with him i just have nothing to talk about, like the most we would do is look at one another, smile when its Convenient and that is literally it. helppppp 🥲😭 

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the first tiime i talked to my crush was w my friend and we both complimented her. ıdk ıf you wanna be less then romantic but our first actual convo happened when i asked her if i can draw her, you can do somtin similar like that if you have any hobbies similar to that where you can incorparate(?) him

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a compliment on its own also goes a long way so maybe just start w that

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omg thank you sm, lol i dont have any hobbies like that but you gave me the best idea ever thank youu!!

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