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Lately I've been dying to play some rpgs, the problem its that my pc is kinda old now and I'm not able to run that much variety,, so anyone knows some rpgs that don't need many requirements? HELP A GIRL OUT 

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shine ☆

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i recommend undertale, yumi nikki and persona5 ashaushua

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Adding onto the RPGMaker games, I'd suggest Omori! yeah, yeah, says the person with an omori pfp

I rarely use computers/laptops but I was determined to play the game (since it just came out and could only be played on Steam atm u_u) so I got my old-ass laptop out and bought it. My laptop truly is ancient so my inputs were always a bit delayed even on an RPGMaker game, but I got through the game fine + the game focuses a lot more on story and dialogue so my laptop could be as slow as it wanted to be anyway

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KSJKS tysm!! I've never heard of Omori before, so ill give it a try I've read the "synopsis" sounds interesting ^^

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clown friennd

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By RPG, I'm assuming you mean light J-RPGs.
A majority of RPGmaker games are extremely low performance. Some pretty good ones are;
- OFF (and its fangames)
- Hylics
- Yume Nikki
- Fear & Hunger
- Pokemon Uranium
- Star Stealing Prince

You can find HUNDREDS of these games on pages such as itch.io, and a few on Steam. Simple game engine, but some games manage to go around the limitations to create detailed gameplay, or they have a decent story. Alongside this, you'll find plenty of shitpost-y RPGmaker games if you ever find something that looks so horrendous that it MIGHT be good...

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tysm for the suggestions ill check those out ^^

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A lot of those fan made Pokemon games are surprisingly good.

Pokemon Insurgence was amazing as far as I'm concerned.

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