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dni and stuff yippee


DO NOT interact with me if you are/are a: over 18 (edit: 18+ only applicable if ik you well, or have some tie in with my friends/are my friends.), proshipper, racist, transphobic, homophobic, under 13, rude, nsfw roleplayer/person, going to judge me on playstyle etc, only looking for a relationship, one of the weird spam celebrity account (why do they need everyone added lmao), ill add more when needed thx!


I go by banana, or many other names, i get really hyper at some times and really love to play games with friends, i really like talking to people so if you wanna message me! I hyper fixate on a lot of things, and get inspired easily for new profile ideas, drawing ideas, ETC. If i type a little dry that's just because I'm on my pc or whatever and my spelling absolutely suck haha, OKAY THATS ENOUGH FOR NOW BYEEE LOVE YALL

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