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I'm tired

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with my own existence, I feel strange, strange, it doesn't matter if I try to joke the same way, make the same comments, movements or attitudes of others, or I'm just a lifeless bag of meat that does nothing, no It doesn't matter how normal I dress, how normal I sound, I will never be more than a weird person, it hurts me more when they say it to me in front of me, I know it's a joke, but I really try, I try not to be weird, I try to be the same. more normal, I have lowered my performance at school, I am ashamed to say how I feel, admitting that I feel sad in front of my friends is embarrassing, because I know what kind of people they are, they are kind people but they don't care about that, it's not because bad, it's just not nice to hear that from someone every day, I just avoid it, but I hate to think that everyone sees me as lazy and without a job. I feel like shit, I feel like I'm just making excuses, but no matter what I do, I can't help but feel tired in the morning even if I sleep from the afternoon until the next day.

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Amani ₊˚⊹♡

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hey, i know how you feel. i think i tend to disassociate a lot when i get upset with the world. y a veces me siento sola. tristemente me veo a mi mismo como la chica rara y callada. but, i still try to make the best out of life. im sorry your friends are being mean to you :( you dont deserve to get treated like that. wishing you the best gorgeous <3 if you ever wanna talk, hit me up

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I don't think they are mean to me, it's just that since I moved to the USA I don't feel that close connection with anyone, but I feel comforted that you understand the feeling, and it inspires me that you make the best of your life, I hope that soon you feel too better thanks 💗💗💗

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