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SkyDoesMinecraft isn't funny (and also criticizing the state of the Minecraft community on YouTube)

I'm sorry, but repeatedly making the same butter joke in your videos isn't funny and making Hunger Games videos over and over again with a slightly different formula, but making like 500 times per year is just fucking stupid.

Same thing goes for the entire Minecraft community on YouTube, it went from some fun little indie game that's kinda hard to describe, to just being litered with garbage by some little kids who are trying to be these YouTubers within the span of only 3 years. Minecraft parody songs are pretty shitty too, some of them can be pretty good, but most of them just make me laugh at how terrible they are.

This is exactly why I'm glad that I'm not in middle school now because I'm sure it has became worse since I graduated - and I'm 99% sure there's gonna be some kid that's gonna be blasting these shitty Minecraft songs that I just mentioned.

There are some Minecraft good Minecraft channels, but they barely make it to 1k subscribers and hardly get a single view on their videos. Mostly, the base tours, showing their progress on the game, and building 256-block skyscrapers are pretty much the only decent ones.

Sooooooo, yeah, what are you thoughts on the Minecraft community and some of the largest channels? Let me know in the comments below! And also, use the hashtag #bringbackoldminecraft if you want to try to stop the awful content on YouTube.

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niko would be a good channel to watch, i think youd like it. he has just a default green lowercase n for a profile picture and he talks abt life while playing minecraft, as hes playing minecraft. no voiceovers, he talks naturally in all of his videos as he plays. i wish all minecraft channels were like that again today

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Can you give the link to the channel? All I could find was a 404 error.

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yea! got it right here https://m.youtube.com/@nikoyaps

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np dude :]

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