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i hope i have some more interesting dreams soon

just to give me summat to write about. this would be a good place to keep a dream diary.
dreamt last night that i tried to have a shower but all that was coming out of the showerhead was bits of black gunk and vegetable peelings.
i wonder what it means? probably something about trying to get 'clean' but only getting dirtier. in a metaphorical sense, i mean. 
ive heard that things in dreams never mean what they seem like they mean, theyre always a symbol for something else.
say for example you dream youre being chased by a murderer. that doesnt mean youre scared youre gonna get chased by a murderer, the murderer will represent something youre fleeing from (metamorphorically). or maybe its prophetic and you actually are gonna get chased by a murderer. that can happen too, but rarely.

ive given up the devils lettuce for lent, thats supposed to help you remember dreams.
i mean, i have been dreaming more, theyve just been boring as hell. i should probably record those anyway.
ive noticed that going to bed with a piece of nicotine gum in my mouth helps, i wonder why. probably stimulates ur braines or summat while you sleep. idk.

have you had any interesting dreams lately? feel free to share, i love to hear them

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