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     What word can be describe when you realize that people are just people living their own lives, their own problem, and their own story?... They call it sonder.

     To this day i try to understand people and their story, you really can't be judging one's life if you can't understand the life they live in. For example, you came across a kid trying to steal something, you see them and you misunderstood them and calling their whole being a poor uneducated thief. But if you come to think of it, why are they stealing?

     When you are passing by, people don't really see you until you made something embarrassing. Even so they would still continue their lives because they are busy of themselves.

     Strangers are a stranger to you. People are the main character of their lives. They have their own perspectives and point of views. You are just a stranger to them until they have known you, be kind to them. If they mistreat you for being a human being with a human life then you need to cut them off without worry because you are more than human, you are your own character in your own story living in someones story, living in a world full of stories.

     Life can be complex; it is hard to understand. It's full of connections between life; life is our root. Our history can be someone else's history. Some can be hard for them that we can do so easily, vice-versa.

When you go outside, gaze on the people for a moment and try to fully understand them but don't judge, don't introduce yourself, don't say any word... just look, listen, think, and understand. You are now struck in a moment of sonder.

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Jonathan Ray

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dude this gave me such a great song idea. thank you so much. hope you're doing well.

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Thank you! Im glad I could help

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