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Setlist Recommendations?

I am playing a show this month and I was wondering if anyone who might go has any setlist recommendations? I am playing a lot of different songs and will label whether each song I am playing is on a baritone ukulele or guitar. Songs by the artists listed on tracks below are requested but not required to be considered.


If She's a Lesbian... (original) 

Talk About (Dear and the Headlights)

Aloe Vera (original)

Pansy Waltz (Shakey Graves)

And, You Deserved It (original) 

Vampire Reference (Will Wood)

Laplace's Angel (Will Wood)

Alligator Skin Boots (McCafferty)

So Far Away (Avenged Sevenfold)

Engagement with this post is sincerely and wholeheartedly appreciated! If you are in the Seattle area and want to come to the show, please do not hesitate to message me (instagram @realjonathanray)! Thank you again :)

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