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hermitcraft/other same circle mcyts likers?

rn im rlly fixated on hermitcraft n some other mcyt peeps!! i just wantt to see if theres any other ppl out there that like them. rn im trying to get caught up with season 10 of grians hermitcraft and rewatching lizzie's empires smp :3 

i also plan to watch minecraft sos and secret life!!! i finished all the other life series except 4 secret life X( i kinda want to rewatch ihascupquake's oasis!! im a total geek 4 mcyts!!! 

id luv to meet more ppl who like them! if u used to watch aphmau's old roleplay vids it would also be cool to talk to! as long as u dont support jess. 

i luv qsmp but honestly i dont find it appealing anymore + hard to watch cause sometimes its overwhelming >_<

 im not looking for dsmp/dteam stans pls go away

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N☆nick (WIP)

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yepp :3 Iam also rly into hermitcraft ,the life series and samgladiators yhs ^_^

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