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if you're 10-12 years old and on this site... maybe don't be....


but am i happy i was?? not at all

well and truly i think unrestricted internet access is one of the main reasons i and a lot of teenagers my age now can agree that it really messed us up, having to see shit you didn't want to and god forbid being in a discord server with people so much older than you and thinking it was fine/BEING TOLD IT WAS FINE????

i'm 15 now as of 2024, and when i was younger i used to fake my age online too. pretty sure everyone did! but i really didn't take into account the boundaries other people might have as well

personally, if i found out i was friended to someone that young even though i'm not that much older than them, i'd feel pretty uncomfortable by it

ALSO don't think ur smart by just putting "minor" in ur bio that's the tactic everyone has been using since forever 💀💀 LMFAOO

another thing i'd like to mention about kids being on this site is the fact that there is so much gore, nsfw, toxic communities like tcc or sh/ed communities that are easy to find and get affiliated with

when you're young, you don't realise these people are trying to take advantage of yourself and your naivety, and you probably won't realise that until someone tries to get you out of that situation and you refuse because you don't think it's that bad, when in reality, IT REALLY FUCKING IS!!!

TLDR; if you're a kid in the 4th-6th grade please don't be on this website for safety, boundaries of others, and safety x2

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this is especially relevant now. The number of iPad kids is only increasing, and with them the amount of 18+ content. I’m sorry that these children can ruin their psyche because their parents, instead of raising them, give them a phone or a computer without restrictions and parental control.

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The only good thing is they'll grow up with a classic interface site.

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There are a ton of websites with outdated web design, but it's usually because they haven't updated the site within 10 years.

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as a 16 year old on here, I once got friended by a 12 year old, immediate block, i don't wanna associate with people under 14 tbh.

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literally so real. like its weird. even outside of online and the internet, if youre a high schooler and have to attend a siblings event at their elementary school the oldest of the kids there would be 11 maybe. its such a massive age gap mentally, physically, and everything

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Curr3ntly 19 and had supervis3d int3rn3t 'till 13 and lik3- the stuff p3ople young3r than m3 would b3 a part of, one of which b3ing som3 g0r3 chall3nge which I'm not gonna list here sinc3 it was icky

My advice is if you're under 13 on the internet never reveal much of your info to anyone like age, location, state, and stay out of mature groups. I get it, we all wanted to be mature but I can assure you the stuff they're doing is anything but

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Are you into... legacy iOS jailbreaking? You speak like th1s, wh1ch relat3s to p0sixspwn, redsn0w, limera1n, and more old jailbreak pr0grams.

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as someone who went from super sheltered, 0 internet access, to suddenly full unrestricted internet access when i was 11, i couldn't agree more.

i was a kid not long ago. i remember, i get it. you dont wanna listen to some adult telling you to follow the rules. it just feels like you're being looked down on. i was the same way. but if you're a kid reading this, im not looking down on you, none of us are. we just want you guys to be safe, it's more important than anything.

being unsupervised on the internet with no idea of the horrors out there was incredibly dangerous. my first years on the internet genuinely traumatized me and ruined my life so much, and i got LUCKY. i didn't even experience the worst of it. very few people can say the same for themselves. so if you're 13 or younger, just wait a few years, please. and research how to be safe on the internet. because putting yourself in danger doesn't make you cool, or mature. or whatever you've been lead to believe. it just makes you in danger.

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dib enjoyer /p

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i waas gonna say real and then i realized i turned 13 10 days ago :skull: im literally fresh out the womb and i still agree. i know its not safe for anyone on t he internet ever these days but little kids (like me. sigh) are growing up so fast that if you see any1 hanging out at my local town center theyre filming tiktoks and wearing clothes for 17 year olds. and its kinda sad bc i get bullied for doing "childish" stuff like roller skating or watching invader zim and reading comics. the 2010s was peaking and ik kids still evaded tos back then too but i miss it

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As a 15 year old, REAL. Ppl who are younger are told to savor being young. But the moment we do things that kids do, WE GET BASHED ON BY PPL CALLING US CHILDISH DAWG
I was thirteen like, two years ago, and I was AND STILL AM embarrassed about some of my interests

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When I was 7, I started a YouTube account -- like back when the site was barely a year old by that point. Let me tell you this, I got some of the craziest messages sent to me and some of them were comments on videos that I uploaded. One guy was pretending to be a lil kid, one guy threatened to kill my entire family while spamming that the video was gay and r*tarded in all caps, and that one guy was just my friend who I told about the site who probably got some creepy messages too. "So what did you do with the videos?" I deleted all of them. I wish I still had the videos, but they're probably sitting in the attic on a dying hard drive along with DV tapes kept in the worst condition imaginable.

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I agree, I have seen horrible things due to being an ipad kid with unrestricted internet access, as much as I wouldn't trade that for anything, I've witnessed some horrible stuff 10-11 year old me shouldn't have witnessed, I wish the 13+ rule was more enforced onto social media.

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look we may be young but in 4th grade people moaned in the closet and that ruined it for me soo

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trust me its worse online when youre around older teens/adults who are equally or worse as fucked up and will not hold back with whatever comes out of their mouths cuz they believe its an echo chamber

by denim; ; Report

are you saying we as in 10-12 year olds? if so you do realise, you just outed yourself as a child?

by elle ──★ ˙ ̟🐇 !!; ; Report

tf u mean we?

by xXkf100Xx; ; Report

like we as in us youngsters online

by NabitRabbit; ; Report

You sent that like 10 times holy shit. xD

by xXkf100Xx; ; Report

shut up i know it would not load

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oh yea man, i was friends with this one guy on discord who makes games and he has a website for his gamedev group. he calls it "rational studios". if you think im lying here is his website https://www.rationalstudios.org

so i was friends with him cus i also make games and tbh they are all really shitty and he has more talent then i could ever have, and one day i wanted to start a movement (yes i know kinda retarded but eh im diagosed so what did you expect) and it was about "clensing the world", very original old me... or young me. So then after that he says "national socialists do what you are doing"

so then he was talking about what national socialism is and went back and fourth on the word nazism too which kinda tangled my brain and then he went on a full rant and speech on the whole thing and i was just eating that shit up like some nice ravioli.

he then convinced me that im a national socialist (nazi) and that im into nazism
now that i believe that i am a "national socialist" i went in school and went on and on about it which almost got me arrested
he then blocked me because of how many times he said the nword including times when he said the hard r...

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yes so real omg!!

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yes so real omg!!

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real, the internet is a dark place and I think the new gen need to stay away from the internet, They don't understand how much trauma and hurt they can get at an age when your brain is developing into new things that can hurt them. Being 8 years old and being exposed to uncensored pornography, videos of dead bodies and trying to help people who are twice my age and trying to convince them not to commit suicide was terrible, because no one monitored these sites for me, and that hasn't changed...I understand the curiosity but it's also It's the fault of the parents, who don't pay attention to what your children see on the Internet, but usually do it in secret from the parents, at least I do. I know they won't listen to me because it seems cool now and the world is better because our society has changed since then, but you still can't escape these things

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i;ve already commented on here but this . this is so true real correct.l

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agreed. for yall saying that it's fine because this website is moderated, you're wrong. i was on amino when i was younger, which was moderated. i was exposed to so much stuff there. while there are good things on the internet, there are some things that kids shouldn't be exposed to. also, yall who are under 13 are breaking the terms of service by being on this app

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Martrodamus Simoreflect

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this website is moderated you know

these are places people go to, to mature really

and to stay young, as not maturity death

but the internet being the wrong thing for people is it seems a problem more related to intersectional issues, rather than worrying about ones mind being corrupted so they can check out on self-respect like social insipid flagelation

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not moderated well enough, have you seen how much gore and pornography children can EASILY access here?? a lot more than popular social media like instagram or tiktok (even though they shouldn't be on those either, im just saying)

by elle ──★ ˙ ̟🐇 !!; ; Report


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OMG IK I see my 4 year old cousins on Youtube with their parents not even paying attention to what they're watching its so scary

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I hope they're not watching PewDiePie... god he's such an annoying piece of shit in retrospect

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⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food ☕︎ㆍ₊⊹

⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food ☕︎ㆍ₊⊹'s profile picture

this happened to me too! it really fucked me up in the head and i WISH i cld take the laptop away from 12 yr old me.

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Im willing to say anything 15 and under should have parental supervision. But maybe im saying that because i’m old (envision me throwing glitter here while paying for health insurance). Either way, it should be discouraged. Especially when people post their faces and photos of themselves. Those pictures can be tapped very easily, too.

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It's so scary to see teens post themselves online publically :( I only post my face on privated accounts, simply because I don't want to accidentally exploit myself to creeps online

by elle ──★ ˙ ̟🐇 !!; ; Report

People forget to realise that the internet forever. Every deleted picture is on cache. Don’t let people find any dirt on you, simply by never making it at all!

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AGREED. I'm 19 and I can confirm, unrestricted internet access in very dangerous!! there's a lot of bad people who can trick you. not to mention things you shouldn't be seeing. I don't just mean p0rn.

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