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A too long blog about my pets

I'm about to go to sleep soon. Right now, I'm in bed with my dogs Riley and Lilly, listening to a Youtube video on my phone, and also on my computer "blogging". I don't think I've ever talked about my pets actually, so I should do that now. Riley is a thirteen-year-old Yorkie. I've had her since she was around three months old, so I've had her for a long time. She's not a very cuddly dog and she's pretty awkward honestly, but she's kind of my favorite. She goes to local bars with me and she's super good. She's pretty attached to me, so she's able to be off leash and stays super close to me. Lilly is a nine-year-old Maltese Pomeranian mix. She's a smallish dog but acts like a big dog. Where Riley acts more like a cat, Lilly acts like a dog. She loves to be all over you and loves to play. She's pretty funny. Ever since I've been dating my boyfriend, he's trained her a lot more than I ever did. She's been a really fast learner. Interestingly, even though she's more of a cuddly dog, she likes to go in our bedroom to lay by herself. Riley isn't very cuddly but needs to be in the same room with me at all times. Church is a nine-year-old grey cat. She acts more like a dog than Riley and is superrr cuddly like Lilly. She is very clingy and loves to be around me all the time. She also knows how to sit, high-five, and stand up on command. She's a very smart cat. 







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