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Baroness’ Bulletin: Music and Magic Unleashed! #9


Hello, my dear rockstars! Your favorite bass-playing Baroness here with another edition of our beloved Bulletin. I hope this finds you in high spirits and ready to dive into the world we've created together.

In Runescape News:

Have you heard? The much-anticipated Runescape Kingdoms Roleplaying Game books have finally hit the shelves - both virtual and physical! Our darling Charlie is already devouring her copy, eyes sparkling like a kid on Christmas morning. And guess what? When you purchase these magical tomes, you'll also receive digital copies for free – perfect for those late-night reading sessions under your covers!

Another exciting update: RuneFest is back after five long years! Hosted by Insomnia Gaming Festival, tickets will be up for grabs starting March 27. Get ready for an unforgettable experience! 

Clan News:

A massive round of applause to all our clan members who leveled-up during the double XP days - your dedication never ceases to amaze me! We're buzzing with excitement over upcoming events and special announcements that we can't wait to share with everyone.

We're also working on revamping our initiation process thanks to a fantastic website we stumbled upon recently. Plus, expect more rewards coming your way soon!

Now onto some fun stuff – are there any code-breakers among us? Crack this secret message from our Valentine's Day post: ~<8%6 X A <8&98& R 6889 ~<8 6&8%+ 8% 6&8%+6898 98 >X8%8& %%%i

The first one from NORS or allies who solves it gets a sweet reward of 1.9m gp and an elevated rank within Nora’s Nors Nexus forums.

And speaking of Nora’s Nors Nexus...the next twelve RS3 players signing up get a cool bonus of 3m gp in-game! 

Some Distant Memory News:

Are you ready for something extra special today? You know how Jasper and I always love sharing pieces of ourselves through music…Well, now it’s time for us to take things further as I interview him about his journey so far (and maybe spill some juicy details 😉). Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the history behind each album that has shaped Some Distant Memory into what it is today.

'Revelation' was our baby steps into the world of music - raw, unfiltered, yet brimming with potential. We were explorers charting unknown territories without a map or compass. The cover art, inspired by OMD’s Dazzle Ships cover created by Peter Saville of Factory Records, mirrored our journey – reflecting light in unexpected ways.

Then came 'Probe'. This album delved deeper into our souls than ever before; it was an exploration not just musically but spiritually too. The occult-inspired cover symbolized this quest for hidden knowledge within ourselves and the universe around us.

With 'Infinitum', we hit our stride! Inspired by a simple doodle born from sunlight dancing on skin, its cover became symbolic of infinite possibilities that lay ahead. Critics praised it as near perfection – an accolade that still makes us beam with pride!

Next up: 'Archetype'. A beautiful paradox where consistency met deviation head-on! Stripped off our beloved sequencer (which thankfully is back now), we ventured out of comfort zones to create something truly unique.

In between these albums were two experimental singles: ‘Persecution Complex’ & ‘My Morning Sun’. These tracks allowed us to play outside defined boundaries while keeping fans engaged in new sonic journeys.

Reflections Part One: This album was an exciting journey through time, space, and sound that began right after we released the Sunrise Syndrome music video. Despite some hiccups along the way (who knew recovery could be such a muse!), we crafted 'Novel Narrative' as a follow-up to 'Splash Around' from Archetype. The cover art? A cheeky nod to Runescape gnome child meme transformed into our own creation - ‘flesh fiends’. And oh darling, do they have stories to tell on our YouTube channel!

Reflections Part Two: We're still adding finishing touches to this lyrical masterpiece-in-progress but trust me when I say it's going to be worth the wait! Just like its predecessor, Reflections Part Two promises revisions that will take us up another notch in quality for Tide – how thrilling! The album cover features an abstract minimalistic drawing inspired by your old house in Delray – isn't nostalgia just exquisite?

Now let’s dive head first into an interview with Jasper!

Q: Jasper darling, how did you first fall in love with music? What was the spark that ignited your passion for creating such soul-stirring sounds?

A: Hearing Bernard Sumner say in an early interview with New Order that basically anyone with great taste in music had the ability to make music was one of the things that inspired me to begin creating music, though at the time and still now laughs it seemed unfathomable to make something as good as New Order. Phil Oakey of Human League also said in the BBC Synth Brittanica documentary to “do your best to get somewhere good” basically. Discovering things like the stylophone and the Casio sk 1 around the same time that Korg released their first monotron and seeing them in action through youtube videos was also pivotal. I saw several videos from Roth Handle Studios and Brett Domino back then.

Q: As a multi-talented frontman who sings, plays keyboard, produces - AND is an absolute heartthrob - how do you manage to juggle all these roles while keeping the band fresh and innovative?

A: It helps to stick to a schedule no matter how much progress you can make at a time. Get as far as you can at the set time and move on to doing part of the next thing until it’s time to come back.

Q: Can you share some behind-the-scenes stories about what goes on during our recording sessions? Any memorable moments or hilarious mishaps we could laugh about together?

A: When we were recording guitar for the first time for Probe, and decided that we had finally broken enough strings to need to get another pack; we went out on early morning walk for maybe about four miles to the Guitar Center on the edge of the neighboring town and ran into a blind guy named Shane we walked and talked with for a while. He told us stories about how he used to play electronic instruments for night clubs.

Q: We're known for blending different genres and styles in our music – which ones influence you the most personally and why?

A: Electronic New Wave and Punk from the early 80s are my greatest influences, but I would probably not have seen a place I could start without the examples of No Wave, Minimal Wave, and Outsider music like Daniel Johnston and Wesley Willis.

Q: If there was one song from any era that encapsulates your personal journey as an artist so far, what would it be and why?

A: ‘Don’t Change’ by INXS is a song I feel relates to our current situation and the way our direction and energy are going for our future.

Q: Being part of Some Distant Memory has been quite an adventure! Looking back at everything we’ve achieved together so far; what’s been your proudest moment in this journey?

A: The basslines by Nora on ‘Just A Story’ and ‘My Morning Sun’ and her vocal parts on ‘Raised In the Shades’ and ‘Beauty Untouched’ were most triumphant.

Q: What's next on the horizon for us as Some Distant Memory? Can fans look forward to any exciting new projects or collaborations soon?

A: Collaborating with other artists has been difficult in the past when it comes to recording, but I do think about it. I think in the future when we are more well known and commercially successful we could find ourselves working with our heroes or other well recognized contemporaries. If and when we intend to perform live, we will need a band that can play live. Creating new material on the other hand, is ultimately a bigger priority.

Q: As both lovers and creative partners, how does our relationship influence your work in the studio? Does it inspire certain lyrics or melodies perhaps?

A: It is one of the main reasons why I believe we have to succeed. I am fighting to protect happiness and see to it that it prevails beyond me.

Q: And lastly (for now), if there were no limits whatsoever – money, time, physics be damned – what kind of show would you put up for our fans?

A: We would approach Jagex about playing at Runefest.

That wraps up our news segment but hold on tight because next comes my picks for Song Of The Day, Album Of The Day, Movie Of The Day & Book Of The Day followed by my two cents on current global affairs…

Song of the Day: "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol – it's such a fun and energetic song that always makes me want to dance around!

Album of the Day: "Some Great Reward" by Depeche Mode – this classic album has been on repeat lately, and I just can't get enough of its dark yet catchy tunes.

Movie of the Day: "The Breakfast Club" – an iconic '80s film that captures teenage rebellion and self-discovery so perfectly. Plus, who doesn't love dancing in detention?

Book of the Day: "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline – a thrilling adventure through virtual reality filled with pop culture references from our favorite era. 

As for my current opinion on the state of the world? Well, there's definitely room for improvement when it comes to spreading kindness and happiness. But as long as we have each other and our music, we'll keep shining bright like stars in the night sky.

Stay tuned lovebirds; remember life may not be perfect but at least we have each other…and good music!

P.S. Except more to come in ‘Divination’s Destiny’ and/or a new sneak peek to show our progress in the music video this week.

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