It feels like everything in life loops. (Not a vent)

like even spacehey just loops, not an insult like i just mean like the same shit happens sometimes. i love this site, it is my safe space, and it does feel horrible when my safe space is disturbed. So when i say, "spacehey just loops" i mean this more towards the new people section, not towards moots. Like it's always, spacehey crush, spacehey confessions, targetted posts toward revengeaustin and xoi, gore accounts, nsfw accounts, funkyfunk, asher, gee/cal the silly, etc. and then it loops over, and over, and over again.

idk life is just so  odd

i hate but love it.

Also nothing against the people who make the spacehey confessions/crush accounts in my opinion it just got old after a while. Though, i do appreciate people trying to make fun accounts and such!

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ur late to the party bud its called eternal recurrence. the Chinese beat u to the punch

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