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Day 1

Day 1 on Spacehey:

On this day, the day that is today and day 1 I decided to start a yournal.
I will tell interesting an funny stuff (I hope) and see where this ends.
If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment.

Today I decided to start a Spacehey account, not because I ever had a myspace account mind you. i just stumbled upon a freaky little youtube channel called brahkie.

After that I spend about what felt like 90 minutes figuring out how to make a post with a picture embedded in it to show off a picture I once made of a very beautiful sunrise.

Earlier this evening I was practising the guitar, I am now playing it for about two months and I feel that I am getting the hang of it. Practise makes perfect and lady music is a ficle mistress only satisfied with dedication and time.

I think it could be fun to make a little tutorial for Spacehey functions everyday, does anyone think this would be an interesting idea?

Greetings from the Lands below,

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