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a girl on the shore

dear blog,

this is kind of stupid, and very dumb, but isn't this panel so cute ? its from the manga I'm currently reading called "a girl on the shore", its quite interesting and its the same author as oyasumi punpun. all of Inio Asano's works are very bittersweet but the way he draws things is filled with so much emotion and character. i wonder if ill ever find something as cute as these two characters, though with context they aren't very cute; still this panel alone is very sweet and lovely. they have lots of cute moments together, in the film as well. i hope i get a boyfriend soon T_T my tiny teenage heart cannot take this much longer! seeing cute romance in media makes me remember how alone and sad i can be. i have so much kindness and love in my heart to give

love, georgia


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is this before or after he eats her shit?

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sorry couldn't help myself.... this is an S tier manga tho its raw af good panel choice

by degen_aphrodite13; ; Report

LOL YOU RUINED THE MOMENT. still i love this manga nobody can ruin it for me

by shoot me; ; Report