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Please interact!!! :3

Please interact :3 

Fandoms: COD fans, The secret History enjoyers, Greg fans, The Witcher fans (video games/books/shows), the walking dead fans (games), Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel enjoyers, Supernatural enjoyers, Hannibal FANS, The Good Omens fans...

Other stuff: History lovers (Greek mythology is my thing), book lovers, Emo ppl, roleplayers, fashionistas, stuck in the 2000s ppl, 

Rare searches for friends: The Two Prince's podcast fans, The House In the Cerulean Sea fans, The Witcher 3 fans, SKINS Uk fans, Chenayder listeners, Last night In Soho fans

I genuinely dont care who interacts, im open minded and chill. So if ur chill, im chill.


Assholes :p

This will continue to update anytime i want so :3

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ᡣ𐭩Saturn!! ✰

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I LUV COD/MW, HISTORY(mythology and ancient empires TOO- AND I ROLEPLAY TOO x3

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