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Art Stuff [2/?]

Whatup SpaceHeyers!

It's ya [Artist], Sleepy M!

And welcome back to....

Untitled Art Stuff; Electric BoogalooUntitled

And we're talking about the pieces I did at home not long ago, outside of class. I guess I was super inspired by Valentines Day and Keith Haring, so I made some silly little guys myself.

Tumblr: ImageTumblr: Image

This one is just a rough draft of the next one. Just a silly doodles. I made without thinking. Interpret it as you wish lulz. I made it with the intention of it being a couple working on a relationship. It's not supposed to be sad, but it doesn't look happy, whoops.


And this is the second one I made! Despite the fact that it has more color, I sorta like the other one better.

If I were to remake this piece, I'd definitely. change the pose of the guy on the right. It looks like he's not working, so it makes it seem like they're not putting effort into their relationship.

As you can see I'm not a... da vinci...

I just like to paint! And just like Gusto says 'Anyone can cook!' So I'll still do it even if it's "bad", just because it's fun! You don't have to be good at art to do it.

See you guys soon! Tumblr: Image

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