TCC and gore accs!!! (i hate you)

Lmaooo well its safe to say that I didnt know what TCC meant until I looked it up. Its a weird community, especially the people who actually like the murderers or whatever, I remember when people had a crush on Dhamer or whatever man like whattt?? If you guys actually met him then he'd eat you bro. Fym youd be with him?? I dont have any other interactions with TCC people but ive heard others talk about it, how people will put their pfps as murders and school shooters like are yall insane?? Cmon dude people have been killed by them.

Anyways I dont have much to say about the TCC except that most of yall are fucking weird asf and I do not want you interacting with me at all.

And the gore accs, what do you get out of traumatizing people and making them see that type of stuff with no warning? pleasure? what are you? sadists? you just show gore, scare people, get banned, and do it alllllll over again like its some type of stupid porn addiction.

We don't wanna see allat on our screens!! And obviously if gore accs see this then they arent gonna care if we dont wanna see it blah blah blah whatever you're a bunch of sicko sadists who get a sexual kick out of traumatizing people with gore XPP

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