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3rd Entry - mamamax?

It's been a few days! Honestly I've been pretty ill, thought it was flu then a chest infection. idk, im just mega ill and kinda stuck in bed, shit sucks. currently catching up on the whole mamamax situation, honestly i'm really disappointed. i used to really look up to max, it was like my inner child finally found someone that would actually take action, but finding out about his manipulation and lies. i mean hell finding out the cases he covered were majority bs and no one had actually been arrested really hurt. i think the platform and ego just all went to his head and he has even said he 'doesn't do it for the kids' he 'does it because he likes to see people hurt' like i'm not being funny but it seems like he's a xanny away from becoming a murderer or something. dont get me wrong his intense, 'hotline miami' vibe content was always aesthetically interesting to me but knowing it comes from a dark place is honestly really concerning. I'd love to know what other people think of the situation, at the end of the day he was ousted as a fraudulent ego driven sadist prepared to throw accusations left and right with no solid concrete evidence.

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⛧Max iz Dead⛧

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I agree with how concerning mama max’s violent nature is, it honestly makes me believe Haley’s testimony against him saying he was obsessed with her and stalked her for years. he’s already admitted to half of the stuff, like publicly posting pictures of his self harm to guilt Haley and her boyfriend

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i wholly agree! when i saw he admitted to the sh stuff i was in shock really, i understand emotional instability when you realise someone doesn't like you back but jesus christ. its surely a low level form of stalking/harrassment to her boyf right? its crazy he wasn't called out for all this stuff sooner

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