My Minecraft World

So I've had a Minecraft world for about 3 years and its getting really big! I´m doing a fantasy and medieval theme on the main village but i also added somethings that I think look cute like a zoo and a circus ( I'm going to remake both cause they are kind of ugly).

I take a lot of inspiration from Pinterest but this world really taught me how to build :3

I made this blog to archive some mods I use and maybe make some mod suggestions for survival+!

I use fabric but here are some mods I use! (If you need help installing fabric just tell me!):

Building wands: Really useful to cover large areas cause sometimes I build large things.

FallingTree: Isn't it anoying to farm wood and break trees that are really tall? Here is the solution.

Litematica: I use it to build farms or builds that I get on youtube/patreon.

Roughly Enough Items: I can't memorize all the new crafting so this always come in hand!

Xaero's Mnimap: I have lots of farms so I never know where they are.

Iris: This is how you put shaders on fabric.

I mainly use this shader ->

I also use this resource parks:  -> this site lets you create your own customized resource pack!

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