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feels like to have a mother present-not present

It feels like being alone in the world, like your umbilical cord has been completely cut, it feels like when she comes home from w

ork and you fantasize about telling her about your day but in reality you are talking to a wall
Your reality cannot be changed, you have a house, you have food on the table and it gives you what you need materially.Do you feel sad because you are making your mother angry because of stupid teenage things,┬┐are they really stupid?
She gives you things, but she doesn't give you that attention that you deserve, she is not present as a mother, perhaps as a friend.
but I don't want a friend, I want a mother. I want a mother who hugs me when I cry, I want a mother who listens to my problems and understands them, I want a mother who, if perhaps she had not had me at such a young age, perhaps, only that can be truly a mother.

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