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Okayokauokajy, im nervous right now. Why? Because i want to give a gift to someone a little much important to me. And i have fear to tell to that person that i have an gift for her, and well, i didn't talked to her this month for private reasons, and i have to much fear omg. And i don't know what to do.

The gift is an bracelet of snoopy, because when i saw the bracelet i said; "woah, she likes snoopy (i think, and i hope) so im gonna to buy that for her.", BUT I FORGOT BUY SOMETHING TO MY OTHER FRIEND WHO'S IS HER FRIEND TO, now im mad with myself because i don't knoe what she likes, but im going to give to her a pocchaco(? pencil, and im more calmed with that, so. The thing is, i don't know how to say to both of that friends, that i want to give a gift to the both.

And i want to apologize to the person with im going to give to her the snoopy bracelet, because i think that i had a fight with her and i have fear to lost her. So idk what to do, im going to have an heart attack.

See ya👍

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