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So Febuary's almost over huh?

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Heya Spacehey, been quite a bit since I've been actively using this website huh? But I came back about a week ago and stuff, in January I had to kinda take a huge mental break from social media after i found out some things about someone I largely respected and it genuinely did cause me to spiral (I'd rather not talk about it here, please do not ask what happened.)

But yeah, life's been slowly returning to normal and I'm back to my usual self :]

I feel like so far this year, the days feel like they've been going by slowly and not rapid fire like they had been in the previous years. I've seen people in my friend group say stuff like "wait how is it still febuary, it feels like it should be april."

 I am a firm believer that quarantine in 2020 fucked up our perception of time and this is a sign that we're returning to normality mentally, we're living in the moment once again woohoo! Hope I can keep this feeling up for the whole year, 2023 was a year of me learning to love being myself again and actually enjoy my life, I think 2024 is gonna be a year of some good ass memories for me.

So what do I have planned for the future? Gonna try to make more blogs about what's been going on in life cos it's fun and maybe get around to making a neocities, who knows.

anyways, see you all later! 

~Jamie  :D

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clown friennd

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are you from the lbp beacon servers

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yeah, i was in the private beta for it too!! :D

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