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Before heading to bed, I wanna talk about The Residents for a bit.

If you don't know who they are, they're an avant garde art collective with a focus on music, theater, and technological advancements in the art world. As stated in my bio, they are very influential to me and have been a massive influence to me as a person and an artist. They have also remained entirely anonymous since the start of their career, in 1969 to early 1970s. I just adore their ideas and the topics they tend to go over in their conceptual works like The Bunny Boy, Gingerbread Man, or Animal Lover. The concepts they have released have commonalities in themes like insanity, fear, depression, and greed. However, each time they go over those themes, it has a different context and package. For instance, Gingerbread Man, is a concept album about mainly fear of yourself, other people, or time itself. But the melody in each song is the exact same, just interpreted in very different ways. The Dying Oilman for example, has a more smokey tone to it, but The Sold Out Artist (my favorite off of the album) has a more jaded and arrogant feel to it. That whole contrasting and differing ideas from the same melody comes in the form of clever variations of the Gingerbread Man song; making use of note length, pauses, commitment to rhythm, and keys. There also was a CD Rom for the album. They have, I think, three total CD Roms; Freakshow, The Gingerbread Man, and Bad Day Down Midway.

Alright, I want to talk about them more, but I really need to get to sleep.

[Some albums from the group I love; Duck Stab, Eskimo, The Commercial Album, and The Gingerbread Man]

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