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I need to grow up

I need to grow up, my parents treat me like im a big girl, but im still a little girl, i don't have 20 years old.

My dad doesn't want to understand that im not like him, i don't want to be like him, im good with being myself. Why i need to be like he? Why i cant be myself? Why i have a dad like this?

Everyone ignores me (but the spacehey people, i love u guyz) and my dad hates me, because im not like him, im trying to say something to finally make he understand why i can't grow up faster and why i can't be like him.

When i search for help, he doesn't like that. I don't understand why, he its just very selfish i think, everyday is just fight and be the victim, im not the bad person in here.

Im a girl, im trying to be like i want, and i won't change for just be accepted in the society. My parents make me feel bad, tha'ts why i don't like stay near of them, they make me feel uncomfortable with myself.

Im tired of everything, including trying to want to be alive, i can't take this anymore.

Im better caring about myself than my parents, and im discovering ways to harm myself, like with an eraser (i know that it's stupid, but when i rub the eraser with my skin makes me feel good. Its very dumb rlly)

Well. I don't want to try it anymore, im so tired and i past my boundaries.

See ya.

(Again, i love u spacehey people, good night :3)

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Hey girlypop, it seems like you're dealing with a variety of issues, from your household, to your mental health.

Writing on spacehey wont save you unfortunately, but the internet is a great tool that CAN help you.

you should try looking up how you feel on youtube, or looking at advice from registered therapists on youtube, there's tons of content out there designed to help you feel better but you have to want to be better.

I know from personal experience that looking up stuff like "how to stop self harming" has really helped me in my journey of healing.

remember that you're never alone, and while healing is a long struggle, its ultimately worth it for your own peace of mind

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