monday, feb 26th, 2024             


anyways, sorry for venting so much in the blogs Untitled it's hard !! everything is so hard !! but today was ok, i spend time with my friend alexie Untitled i don't get much time with them cause they study during the morning (i study during the afternoon), so it's always a coincidence when we can see eachother. they really make me feel safe, i can do stupid shit and they won't mind >_<

didn't get much time with amy, but god she braided her hair and god she was beautiful Untitled she sat besides me and i put my arm around her, and i looked at her and i am such a fool ໒꒰ྀིっ˕ -。꒱ྀི১. i cried a lot in therapy but besides me it's fine

my teacher asked me to be monitor of her arts & crafts class, and i accepted Untitled i aim to be a part time teacher and full time actress one day, i love interacting and inspiring people, i love teaching new things to people, and also it's an opportunity to see alexie in the morning

i hope nothing bad happens (>< # ) i wouldn't be able to deal with it, my life is getting way too busy and like if having chronic depression wasn't enough

today i wore brown ribbons, a black ribbon as a necklace, a heart necklace, 9 braceles and, coconut ring and my girly earrings from aliexpress, i did an orange to pink eyeshadow with puppy eyeliner, a bit extended to 1/4th of my eye

i hope somebody noticed it, i do my makeup and get dressed because i personally like it, but people always comment on my scars instead of anything else on my body. like if i didn't have permanent dark pink hair with a bleached face-frame (i need 2 do my roots again lolz Untitled)

i hope tomorrow is better


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