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so it turns out that cody is allergic to almonds... we had to learn that the #HARDWAY... erm....Β 

i was eating almonds cause im a HEALTH GORL ;-; and cody SADLY had no food since gordo Owen (erm... BILINGUAL KWEEENNNNN yeah, i know french...) took all of it while he wasnt looking... Owen.... count your days fatty... anyway...Β 

so like i was like offering my food to him and he was still a little hungry... poor babbeh was so STARVED since his parents forget to feed him sometimes :/ at least he can keep his twink figure :3 #UKETOMYSEME i think he should learn how to cook but who am i to judge such cuteness.. uwu...

okay back to my story.......... ok, iΒ  WAS saving muh almonds for myslef but he looked so pitiful and sad so i just had to give him some. BIG. MISTAKE. he started choking and stuff i was so #SCARED... EEK......

I THOUGHT I WAS ABOUT TO LOSE MUH CODYKINS >,<''Β  ughhh the look on his face was HORRIFYING... i was so scared... trauma...

LUCKILY a teacher ran over to him and stabbed hom in the leg with something and he was fixed... the power of science. thank you albert einestine!!!Β  u saved muh codykins :3

also owenΒ  should be on my 600 pound life :/ IT WOULDNT HURT TO EAT A CARROT ONCE IN A WHILE.

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