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You Know, I Still Use Myspace

Yes, that's right, I still use Myspace and I will continue to use it until the website is no longer accessible. Actually, I was too young to experience Myspace, I was still very, very young in the heyday of Myspace. Many people think that Myspace is dead but the website is technically still active, I often post words or links on my profile. However, I can't post pictures or videos, it will say "uploads are temporarily disabled". I can't even upload a photo for my profile picture.

Myspace was a great social networking site back then but now it's almost defunct. This current version of Myspace is like a text storage site for me. I know that no one gonna see my posts there and that's good, you don't have to do what I do. I signed up for Myspace in January 2022.

Just hope this website will be better in the future, the website needs a lot of improvement. SpaceHey, it could be said to be a reborn version of Myspace but this social network is not affiliated at all with the old Myspace. SpaceHey is very similar to Myspace and probably better than Myspace, I'm quite active here.

These screenshots were taken on Tuesday, 27 February, 2024 from my sister's laptop.

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