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Swatch Callout post

You guys know deltarune right? Well most people say that Spamton stole Swatches look (which he did) but they leave out that Swatch stole Spamtons look first. 

Because of the BigShot Bowtie and the frayed bowtie we know that Spamton had the yellow and pink coloration as an aschetic before the acid bath. When Spamton fell off Swatch stole Spamtons look. Now Spamton wants to get into the basement and so he decides to rip off Swatches look by reverting back to his origional design. 

Basically, Spamton fell off and Swatch stole his likeness and now Swatch is all pissy that Spamton took back his likeness in an attempt to get into the basement. 

Swatch violated copyright law

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