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oh thats not....

just found out noco_fanpage exists... on insta... CAN WE STOP FETISHIZING GAY MEN????? smh...

also i found art of cody on there... giggles he waz dressed as dipper from #gravityfalls ;-;


"dipper: hot, cute, adorable

cody:sexy, attractive, perfect.

so put them together  and you get...

 A fucking hot cake with sexy as fuck frosting to make an

adorably cute pastry that is perfectly attrctive!

yeah, this is perfect."

-Noco_fanpage, 2/22/14. 

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Noah Sterecra

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Girl... you read yaoi... yaoi is fetishizing gay men.

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its just fiction :/ be fr noah no one gaf.

by SIERRA <3; ; Report

You are so immature. Yaoi fetishizes MLM relationships in a disgusting way.

by Noah Sterecra; ; Report

by SIERRA <3; ; Report