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OOC // About me:)

NAME: Just call me Doctor or Plague I do not like giving out my name.

AGE: I am 15 years old! I'm turning 16 in 40 days:)

SEX/PRONOUNS: call me what you wish

EYE COLOR: blue-ish grey!:)

HAIR COLOR: black and brown

LIKES: I really like SCP's, COD, Sanrio, BSD, Pin collecting/making, I like to collect anything interesting I find on the streets to keep in my box, I like to go on walks through the forest or go to waterfalls and sit on the rocks watching the water and listening to the fast water stream and birds chirping or any animals near by where I sit.

DISLIKES: yelling, it makes me really uncomfortable. DSMP, spiders(I have arachnophobia.), any insects.

Comment any questions and I will answer!

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