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universal and mental positivity journal ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ (and mental health plus therapy journaling)

iam feeling very confident and intend to vvillingly find this Radiant positivity in anything and heal any negative energy to convert it into good NRG. try this!
i can teach u: Leanr to say naurr! cutting ties to all my past problems by cleaning my social media contacts and everything
and fill this 
i feel something very radiant will stay vvith me for every day day that is left in my life

counting days..

Fabomotizole Afobazole

here i am concentrating on good vibes and happiness
self-care, being cozy
interior project (file.ps) is goin' pretty vveLL! i have very nice ideas (need more money to make all i desire happen irl tbh)

an interesting topic to consider is the concept of Happiness, Dreamy memories and nostalgia. and what it means to me:

i like the fact nostalgia exists as an aesthetic because it explains a lot. i am 26 years old myself at the moment and i totally like to put my mind in an ascending trance of nostalgia. just dreaming about yo-yos, DVDds whom i never had in fact! and it's not even a big deal if i had these or not. the aesthetic of nostalgia is something that exists in movies and music too, it exists in my mind. i like the universal concept of it.

nostalgia of everything or the nostalgia of the current moment is an interesting idea for me. and i also like to upgrade my bedroom interior to bring more of these and a lot of other aesthetics. my favs are Y2K, scene. tech and futurism.

it's interesting how nostalgia can be used in therapy.

So half of Gen Z is diagnosed with mental health conditions and used to be one of the most depressed generations, being called the 'Sad Generation'. So what about Gen Alpha? They are more likely to be depressed than Gen Z: 'These children are more depressed and anxious than any previous generation. Overwhelmed with options, information, and technology, they are noticeably overprotected and harder to inspire'.


Positivity, Affirmation, Discipline, Motivation!

A very inspiring self-care podcast to guard ur spiritual health from any obstacles affecting it:
Another nice self-care podcast:

Arca spilling the cold t right onto a hater's face:

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