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Im more of a one nigth stand than a bride. Not by choose. Everyday i dream of meeting someone who will finally love me enough, but im never enough. Im pretty, but never beautifull. I look good, but there is always someone who looks better. i might say something funny, but never enough to make you laugh. Nobody asks about me, whats my name, or what is my ig, because no one cares enough. I im starting to think that its because i simply am not enough.

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I know exactly how you feel, girl. I used to think that few months ago, people always told me things like "ur pretty" but no one really loved me in a romantic way. Now I have a boyfriend that made me change my mindset and really loves me. What I want to tell you is that everything comes in its time, don't worry babe, you have a lot of life ahead of you :)

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