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so i met this guy like a year or so ago at school and i didnt talk to him or anything but we slowly became friends after we started talking near the end of the year so me and my bestie decided we could let him into our (tiny) friend group (just us and him) and i thought it was a good idea at the time but he literally just stopped talking to us for no reason like a couple weeks ago. the last time i talked to him i was telling him that i wanted to make a poster on my own instead of working with him.. understandable if he was a bit upset but bro literally went home and moved schools LIKE T^T wtf is your problem... and he was always like.. jealous or something idk it felt like he was always talking like it'd be just luck or impossible for us to be better at him at something or just good at anything in general like bros got some issues

anyways happy he's gone now cuz he was kinda splitting me and my bestie apart and i rlly didn't want that to happen so we're back to being as close if not closer than we were before :D

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