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screw it, time to learn html

so im on toyhouse, right, cuz my friend got me a code a few months back but i had no idea how it worked so i didnt do anything with it... flashforwards to likek a week ago when i made this account and had to actually use html to some extent to make my profile look nice n stuf.... brain blast! this was easy enought lets go to toyhouse.. eXCEPT TOYHOUSE IS SO DAMN COMPLICATED.... theres so much going on its driving me insane... and so i go look for profiles and i find character codes that are all cool... then it hits me...... NONE OF THE CODES I USE WILL MATCH........ so guess what. i decide to just learn it myself so i can make my own codes and i can make them look very nice and have them all go together and stuffs... yeah.

um if anyone has any recources i can use to learn that would be cool

okay bye

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