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KiBLS Poetry - The new way

A poem written by KiBLS
Title: The new way

The new way

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౨ৎ lulu

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wow, this looks good, but since I'm still learning how to read poetry do you want to explain the meaning more for me ? just for a better understanding

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In the first verse, the poem poses the question or makes the observation that you can only act the way you act. and by constantly questioning your own path, this can take away your courage. So you should just go your own way. What is then dealt with in the second verse is when you falter on your path or stones are put in your way. often you then stand in front of the stones that lie in the way and hope that someone else will clear them out of the way and you won't have to do anything yourself. And in the third verse you realize that if you don't go your own way, nothing will work out as you planned, because you're not going your way, you're just stuck. While in the fourth verse you realize that because you were forced to stop, new paths open up that you hadn't considered before.

A bit long and detailed but I think the meaning should be clear now :P :)

Thanks for your feedback and have a great day/evening :)

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The poem is very old (over 11 years). Nowadays I would write it like this;

Or like this;

All three poems are very similar in their basic message.

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ohhhh I love that !! its so creative, I totally get it, thanks so much !!!

by ౨ৎ lulu; ; Report

You're welcome :)

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