A Part of That Now.

In a materialist worldview, where a soul does not exist, you die and reincarnate every few years. When the cells that make up your body die and are replaced, and your dead cells fall upon the soil, you are a part of that now, when the nutrients that used to be in your body rot and are returned to the mud which made you, you are a part of that now, when the trees make a meal of your decomposed corpse, you are a part of it now, and when the bird eats the fruit of that tree, you are a part of him now. Soaring above the heavens, overlooking the world below, breathing again, being again. Until a cat eats you, and suddenly you’re a feline now, coming home to an angry owner who forces you into a bath. And so it goes. This story never ends for matter cannot be destroyed, and you are a part of that now. Your form forged trillions upon trillions of years ago, at a single infinitely dense point, next to every atom of those you hate and every atom of those you love, as a whole, as one point. Yet though your consciousness has made you think you exploded and are now separate points, separate beings, you are no different from the rest of existence, no different from when you were trapped in that infinitely dense point before the universe began. You are everyone, you are everything, you are timeless, you are infinite, you are the universe, and you are a part of that now.

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