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most recent cps experience

so basically a couple days ago after school my father asked if i wanted to get food so i asked if we could go to the burrito place near our house -- fast forward to im waiting for my food and he comes over and tries to grab my phone and i get protective of it because obviously im a teenage girl(ish)  so i have some not so 'parent friendly' things on my phone and so we get to arguing and he grabs my hair and shoves me into the counter and walks outside and i followed him and he starts screaming at me to get the f away from him then we get in the car and im in the back seat and he starts reading me and my bestfriends messages out loud to me so i get out of the car and start running but he grabbed me and swung me to the ground in the street and I ALMOST GOT HIT BY A FREAKING CAR and i start genuinely tweaking and i start kicking him and screaming for help and saying hes gonna kill me and some strangers come over and try to tell him to get off me and one lady called the cops and they arrived shortly after but they legit interviewed us while we were 5 feet apart so he could hear what i was saying so obviously i wasnt going to answer the officers questions such as "has he ever hit you before" honestly and they legit LET HIM DRIVE OFF WITH MY BACKPACK AND PHONE  and they said they couldnt release me to a non blood relative and couldnt leave me by myself because im a minor and so they took me to some random youth protection home and yeah it was crazy but #yolo

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