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byi + info n stuff idk ✿

about me !

im soapi and I LOVE PRSK if you ever need to talk about prsk to someone COME TO ME

i also love milgram im new to it though whatever if u want more of my interests js check my profile i am THE #1 reversible campaign mikoto kayano cover fan EVER. TRUST.

im an istp-t and my timezone is est cuz im american

um idk what else to put there isnt much about me that i think is needed

byi !

i make a lot of bulletins so dont friend me if u dont like hearing me yap

um. i might come off as dry at first its easier for me to have public convos instead of 1 on 1 dms n stuff so sorry about that !!

if i get comfortable enough around u i might start making nsfw jokes or being jokingly mean, if ur uncomfy with this though u can tell me SSORRUYYYYR

umm i talk a lot in all caps and like space out my sentences a lot idk if this is important but sorry if ir bothers u

um... if i threaten to block u im joking most likely idk u can probably tell but if im serious u probably did smth weird !!!!

also pls dont take everything i say seriously, like 99% of the stuff that i type or that comes out of my mouth is a joke ! so sory if that bothrs u < / 3

i think thats it might update to add stuff

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Evelin Miller Fictionkin

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Hey! You seem cool! Can we be friends?

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by soapi ★; ; Report

soapi ★

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wow this blog is so cool soapi i love you so much soapi lets kiss

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oh :;)

by norix; ; Report

i meant :( FUCK MYLIFw

by norix; ; Report


by soapi ★; ; Report